Oltremare operates worldwide on the international marketplace.

A network of branch offices and agents covers the major commodities producing areas of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
We are present in Brazil with "Oltremare do Brasil" to serve Latin American countries; and in Vietnam with "Oltremare Vietnam" to serve Asian countries. Both branches are in a position to offer sales and assistance network thanks to qualified personnel trained in Italy.
Through her participated company NCP (Nuts Cleaning and Packaging - http://www.ncp-group.nl) located in the nearby of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Oltremare is offering various services to the cashew and other nuts industry such sieving, cleaning, weighing and vacuum packing from small packages to industrial bulk bags according to the strictest safety and sanitary rules.             

Target products are: cashew nuts, dried fruit, rice, wheat and cereals in general, coffee, pulses, spices, aromatic herbs.
Oltremare’s solutions can be however successfully applied to many other products.

We invite customers to let us know their specific requirements sending detailed enquiries and samples of their products so we may carry out vacuum packing tests in our workshop.

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