Since the beginning Oltremare has been operating in Bologna, one of the major agro-industrial areas of Italy where entrepreneurship, dynamism, innovation and technology blend together in a flawless mix.

  The way we were until the '90s





It is dated 1960 when Oltremare established the first mechanical cashew nut processing plant ever, in Italy, which has run itself for 25 years.

A few years later, in 1964, it established in Tanzania what has been for almost 3 decades the biggest mechanized cashew nut processing plant in the world: TANITA Company Ltd with an overall capacity of 12.000 tons per year. These activities brought Oltremare to deeply understand the dynamics and the insight of the cashew nut processing, hence to transfer this know-how into the design and engineering of the numerous solutions it has introduced in the industry.

                                                                 Francesco Massari, co-founder of the company (left)
                                                                            with Julius Nyerere (in the middle) in 1963
                                             during the visit of the President of Tanzania to our factory in Italy

Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) 1964
The inauguration of the Tanita Cashewnut Processing Co. Ltd.
The factory had a capacity of 12.000 tpy of raw material in input








The company has gained experience through the years especially in the supply of various cashew nut processing plants and machines in Italy, Africa, South America and Asia carrying out turn key industrial projects financed by international commercial banks, international financial institutions such as the World Bank, the IFC, the African Development Bank, the FAO, the UNDP and the European Investment Bank.
In the 80’s and 90’s Oltremare has improved its competence in colour and size separation acquiring two of the most experienced companies in the field.





Stefano Massari, Oltremare Managing Director,
with His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ivory Coast,
Mr. Alassane Ouattara, at the inauguration of
Olam Ivoire cashewnut processing plant
in Bouaké - 2012


Oltremare has realized over the years more than 150 industrial projects in the cashew nut industry, selling thousands of single machines for the various processing operations in each cashew processing country including INDIA, VIETNAM, INDONESIA, BRAZIL, TANZANIA, MOZAMBIQUE, KENYA, IVORY COAST and NIGERIA.

Recently food safety has become the focus of any food company, that is why Oltremare has developed and carried out a packing line so that the finished product is vacuum packed and gas flushed in compliance with the strictest food safety rules.

Under development is a continuous pasteurizer/infestation control system for cashew/nut products aiming at providing solutions to the sustainable control of cashew specification compliance in particular with microbiological standards and the absence of live-infestation requirements.

More and more, the aim of Oltremare is to safeguard the cashew processors’ reputation in terms of product quality and food safety.


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